Saturday, February 11, 2012

Attachment -- the Next Generation

Both of my grandchildren are VERY attached to their parents. During hte first several months of their lives neither of their parents were unemployed and they have both been surrounded by extended family since they were born and still are. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, even great grandparents, have been holding them, rocking them, talking to them and playing with them all their lives.

yesterday Isaac was here for a few hours and he fell asleep on my lap, a place he used to sleep very often when he lived in our home (from 6 weeks to 6 months). He is very comfortable there. The rest of the time he was here we were playing with him -- having him do his tricks and make us laugh. All of the intersensitivity stuff that the experts are saying is so crucial right now.

I can't change a lot of the facts that surround the lives of my grandkids, but I can rejoice in the ways that they have been given a better start than their parents. They are attached. They were not exposed to drugs or alcohol in utero. They are reaching all developmental milestones and are surrounded by people who love them.

We couldn't undo what happened to their parents -- but we can be part of assuring that they have a better chance. SInce before we became foster parents we indicated that we wanted to break the generational cycles that kids in foster care were trapped in. It might just be we're doing that and it feels really good.

He's coming back for a couple hours today. I'm so excited to see him An rumor has it that Gabby might be here later tonight with Salinda.

That's good. Real real good.

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DynamicDuo said...

so happy for you! The proverbial rainbow - right! It has to rain before you see the beauty....