Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Day Ahead

I just got out of our shower. It has a plastic ruler in it. I'm not going to think about that. Hands over metaphorical ears -- LA LA LA LA...

Going to have lunch with some fun friends. By the way, my SUPPOSED BFF was caught having lunch with someone else without telling me about it on Thursday. You should have seen her face. It was hilarious. She looked like a kid with her hand in a cookie jar... or perhaps a man out with his secretary who he was ... ok, ok, Claudia. Keep the Blog PG. Anyway, the fact of the matter is that Kari has way more real friends than I do -- I have more Facebook friends than she does because she is all ODD about FB and has NO friends (I think you should all encourage her to do what I say and let me be her only FB friend. Wouldn't that be so cool for me)... But anyway, I am totally digressing here. But everyone who is worried about how Kari will be after I move -- don't. She has more friends than you do I bet. But I have seen her conducting some BFF interviews lately to figure out which of her zillion friends is going to be her new BFF.

Truth me known I'm a pretty dumb friend to have. I like people who are really nice and treat people well. I like to be served quite a bit, actually. I'm not much of a server and I tend to spend time with people that I truly enjoy who like me. So really, in this particular situation, when it comes to my social life it's all about me.

So, anyway, we're having lunch with our very cool friends Tom and Chantill who finalized their adoption four years ago today. How cool is that? When we moved here they were in the process of adopting and were told they had to find a support group to be involved in. We became their support group and I helped match them with their girls. So it's kinda cool that the four of us are having lunch today, sans kids, to reminisce.

Bart has a wedding (someone else's not his) today and so I'm going to the State True Team Track Meet in Stillwater this afternoon. Leon has qualified in a couple events.. and I'm going to go watch him and try to snap a picture or too assuming I remember my camera.

Here's his track meet mohawk :-)

Then tonight I must pack as I am off for a few days speaking in Virginia this week. It's going to be a whirlwind trip -- flying in Sunday, then speaking 6 hours Monday, followed by a long drive, then doing that Tuesday and Wednesday and flying back on Thursday. NUTS for sure.

I am tempted to try and round up someone to have dinner with after the track meet -- maybe I'll put out a FB emergency post after I see how much I get done today and if I have time...

Busy days, but today I'm happy enough. Was glad to have yesterday over.

Happy weekend world!


Kari said...

Our relationship is too weird for words. ♥

And the ruler in the shower cracked me up.

Michelle, Dave & Babes said...

I had to read it twice, but the ruler had me laughing out loud.