Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why I Do What I Do...

You might be wondering what exactly I'm speaking on this week and why I haven't bothered to blog much. Lemme tell ya.

Our schedule was like this:

Sunday: Fly in to Washington Dulles and drive an hour to Warrenton, VA. Dinner, prepare presentation, bed.

Monday: Present 9-3. Drive 2.5 hours. Arrive in Williamsburg, VA. Dinner, email, bed.

Tuesday: Present 9-3. Check out Jamestown via car. Drive 4 hours. Eat Wendy's with Wendy's on the road. Email, bed.

Wednesday: Present 9-3. Nap. Email and blogging. Soon dinner and bed. :-)

Thursday: Travel home.

In the middle of all that I am texting kids at home attempting to get not one, but two kids ready for Job Corp now. Sadie has been accepted and is leaving on Tuesday as well. Wow. Also have been working to find housing for Mike.

My presentations have consisted of the following:

A brief story of my family to provide context and credibility.
A Two hour presentation about the Myths of Matching (talking about Matching families with kids in the foster care system).
A Two hour presentation about the Methods of Matching, including hands on worksheets and tools that I've developed.

Throughout my presentations Wendy, the president of Adopt America, has thrown in great input -- in addition she really helps me with keeping myself on track, getting things handed out, fielding questions, lifting heavy things, etc. She's very fun to travel with and I couldn't do these things and stay sane lately without her help.

I love doing this because I can see by looking at folks that they are starting to get what I am saying. I love to renew passion in the hearts of those who are burned out and see the wheels clicking about how they are going to do better work.

It's exhausting -- especially with my health issues -- and I have had to sit to present most of the week -- so I definitely need to get back on track physically. But mentally I've been right there with them all three days and poured a lot of emotional energy into the process.

Back home I'm missing another pops concert because it was rescheduled to tonight. That does NOT make me happy.

But, I'll hit the road going full speed as we head into the weekend filled with 3 going away parties ... after I teach all day Friday.

Wouldn't trade my life for anyone elses.... i really love what I do.

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