Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Sunday Morning Not Like Any Other

For the first time since I got married, I am waking up on a Sunday morning to go to church, but not going to go to "MY" church to hear "MY pastor" who happens to be "MY husband" preach.

Instead I've been asked to fill the pulpit at a Lutheran church here in town that is between pastors. There are several women there who have heard me speak and I imagine that they have expectations that I be funny, whereas I'm not really sure that Lutheran sermons are allowed to be THAT funny, are they?

Prom last night was awesome.... Leon was appropriate, polite, used impeccable manners and looked so very handsome -- he actually acted like he felt like he BELONGED in that tux, which most of the other high schoolers did not. The big perk was that he wanted us to be a part of all of it, which wasn't something we were accustomed to. So I "did prom stuff" for about 4 hours yesterday. In the past we have had 2 others go to... or attempt to... go to prom, but we weren't really involved because they didn't want us to be. Leon really wanted us to be there for everything so we obliged and it was pretty fun.

This is my favorite picture ... more to come but I better get to the sermon prep as I leave in a half hour :-)

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Jennifer said...

How did the sermon go? Humor should be allowed always lol. I love when my pastor is laid back and real.That is also really awesome that Leon wanted you to be involved in the prom. Cherish those moments. You captured some great pictures.