Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MIracle #4 Announced -- and a Poem....

If you have been keeping track of our need for four miracles, you know that we needed the following to happen:

1) We needed to feel an assurance that the church to which Bart was reappointed would be a good match for him and for our family. We are beyond convinced of this -- everything we have done in our lives seems to have been leading this! We are excited about the ways that God is going to use Bart and our family in Crystal, New Hope, Robbinsdale and Brooklyn Center! The church is Brunswick United Methodist and his first Sunday is June 24th and you are all welcome! We are hoping that we can be a church for those who have had a hard time fitting in elsewhere because of the special needs of their kids or their unique adoption situations. If you have complained about having a pastor who doesn't "get it" -- you won't find many pastors who get it as much as Bart does. Wait, that sounded like a double entendre. It wasn't. :-)

2) We needed to find a house in our price range within a couple miles of the church that we liked and could afford. We got notice yesterday that we will close on that house on June 1 at 9:30 a.m.! Check!

3) We needed to sell our house. This isn't a done deal, but it's looking good!

4) The last miracle was that Rand needed a place to live in Mankato. After finding the perfect situation in the basement of some friends from church he moved out last night! So miracle number four has taken place --

Suddenly it's feeling quite weird as our nest slowly empties....

I did another version of this little poem back in 2009 when I was talking about who was home for the week, but it may be time for me to let you know how our nest has emptied.....

Twelve Fletcher "children", teens 6 and adults seven,
the oldest finished college, started teaching, got married and then there were eleven.

Eleven Fletcher adults and teens, a busy house twas then
one went off to jail, prison, home, jail, prison, home, jail, prison.... and then there were ten.

Ten Fletcher adults and teens, here to sleep, and live and dine
one had a baby girl and moved in with bfs parents, and then there were nine.

Nine Fletcher adults and teens, some on time but often late
another went to jail, home, had a son, home, jail again, an apartment, jail now-- and then there were eight.

Eight Fletcher adults and teens, not always enjoying what they'd been given
One decided he was ready to move out at 18 because others enabled him, and then there were seven.

Seven Fletcher adults and teens, up to the same old tricks
one found a basement to rent with our friends and then there were six.

Six Fletcher adults adults and teens, watching others slowly walk out the door
if both who are signed up for job corp go, we'll be down to only four!!!

Four Fletcher adults and teens, OH NO what will we do
for we've always had so many around, like the old lady who lived in the shoe.

But the Fletcher parents who lead this crew aren't worrying today
because we love them and know they'll always ours whether home or away

And if some day the nest is empty and it's something we abhor
no worries -- even though the ones these won't be "replaced" -- we know how to add some more!

Not bad for 10 minutes, huh?


Amanda said...

Not bad at all!! Loved it:)

Deborah said...

I love this post! Reminds me so much of our household over the years. And yes, we know how to add more to the family. So glad things are working out with your move. Praying for your family.

GB's Mom said...

Not bad at all!

mainiac said...

Love it!! :)