Saturday, May 05, 2012

We could be looking at our final three miracles all arriving in 7 days

My mom told me when we told her we were moving that God had all the details figured out and that we just needed to wait and find out what He had planned. As usuallyAs of Tuesday we had no idea about what was going to happen.... as you recall, we were needing for miracles:

1) To discover that the church we were moving to was a perfect match (or at least close)

2) To sell this house;

3) To find another house to move into;

4) To find a place for Rand to move.

Number one was settled on Palm Sunday, March 24th. The church is an amazingly good match.

Number two -- we actually have an offer with wonderful people to buy our home, which we found out about on Wednesday. We will be trying to figure out some creative ways to work out finances for that sale.

Number three -- well you know all about that. WE found and bought a house. Things were looking pretty bleak on Wednesday night the 24th of April, but in just one week we had found a better option AND been qualified to buy not rent.

Today we found out that we most likely have a great arrangement for Rand to move in with a single pastor friend of Barts in a small town near here. She would like to have someone using her basement as an outreach and she wants company. So the whole thing would be perfect... Fingers crossed...

Today I'm gathering a very long list of financial documents for the mortgage banker and waiting for the realtor to call me back about getting together to talk about financing to sell this house...

It's also Leon's prom. ;-)

busy busy times!

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