Thursday, August 04, 2005

How's NACAC?

Lots of people who know where I am keep asking me "How's NACAC. I don't even know how to answer. I mean, I say, "Good" but it isn't really a good enough descriptor.

NACAC is where everyone around you has kids with them that don't look like them;

NACAC is where you can find hundreds of people who know all kinds of things about adoption and who not only can teach it, but who have lived it;

NACAC is being with a lot of people who are passionate and committed to the idea that kids grow better in families and that we must find permanency for EVERY child;

NACAC is so much information in so little time with all of it having the potential of life-changing impact, that it is almost too much to take in and digest;

NACAC is what it feels like to live in another culture or country where people don't speak your language or understand your way of life and suddenly walking into a new world where everyone gets it and you feel like your home again;

And while NACAC is an organization that provides information and a conference every year, NACAC is really made up of all of us who are involved in adoption and, for this reason;

NACAC is a family.

So, the question, "how's NACAC" can't be answered in simple terms. But it IS good.

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