Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm an Excellent Caregiver

On Friday night we had company. Friends that I mentioned here had offered to fix bikes (well, he did anyway) and so we had them and Mike and Kari and their kids over for dinner. Bart made homemade pizza and it was great.

While the bike fixer was busy outside with the kids, I was holding the 3 month old. She was crying and I was determined that I was going to calm her down. It took a very very long time. About 45 minutes. But I was reminded during that time of my presentation in NYC about considering kids at placement to be like newborns. I reflected about this in entry called First Year of Placement on my Everything Adoption Blog.

When Mike and Kari are at our house, Anna is usually very well behaved. I often point out that the reason for this is that I am an excellent caregiver. I have repeated that phrase often when their family is at our house.

Friday night, after I had finally gotten the baby to fall asleep she rested well. She then woke up, had a bottle and a diaper change and was very happy. Sadie then asked to hold her. After three minutes of peacefulness, Sadie turned me me smugly and said, "I'm an excellent caregiver."

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