Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blogging Hiatus

Wow. I haven't been away from my blog for three full days in years. I apologize. I was literally either driving or busy with friends for the three full days. We had a wonderful time.

I have been shocked back into reality this morning as Dominyk has a sore throat and headache -- the same thing all of us have had to some degree over the past couple weeks. But he has decided that his tonsils are going to come together in his throat and thus he can't breathe. And he's itchy too.

My cough has gotten progressively worse so that I haven't slept well in three nights. I was sure that last night being in my own bed I would fall right to sleep, but instead I tossed, turned, and coughed until I finally resorted to Tylenol p.m. Now I am groggy.

I hope to have time to write a decent blog entry about my trip, as there was lots I have been thinking about but let me just say that I had a great time but not nearly enough of it to spend quality time with all the people I wanted to who where there. The picture above is of my "best friend" with Sadie -- I've known him since we were 13 and we saw each other several times a year until college. We then were in college for three years together and then worked together at the same school for 4. During those four years we were inseparable -- he never dated and we hung out with couples, so I filled in I guess. Our relationship has always been difficult to explain, but other than Bart and my mother he probably knows and understand who I really am better than anyone.

His brother and sister and their kids and his mom were also there, people I have known and loved for decades. Many many other friends were there as well, but there was just not enough time.

But I'd rather leave feeling like I didn't get enough time than counting the minutes until it's time to leave.

If this post sounded disjointed and less than intelligent it is because Tony kicked Dominyk and his repetitious chanting about the pain combined with the fact that he is obsessing about everything else has made it difficult to concentrate. But thank you for being a distraction from it.

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