Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alone in the Dark

I am the queen of predictability. My husband is not. He is neither a queen nor predictaable,

At exactly 5 a.m. I get up, get dressed, and leave the house at 5:12 to pick up Kari around 5:15 and head to the Y. I exercise for exactly 40 minutes, and then I shower and am home by 6:30.

I can come home to find my husband has already left for work. Or I can find that he is up, showered, and ironing his clothes. Or possibly he is up, unshowered, and working. He might be making himself (or both of us) breakfast, or he could be changing laundry. Or, like this morning, very rarely, he can be in bed. He's not been feeling well, so that explains it, but I just never know. Like I blogged four years ago, he's like a box of chocolates. I re-read that post and Bart's still the same. And unfortunately, so is Rand, now 21. Oh well.

So I am sitting in the living room in the dark blogging, waiting until it's time to wake up the children. I didn't want to disturb him in the bedroom. I have a full day planned as usual, but I'm in town...

I have been promising meaningful blog posts and not fulfilling my promises, so I won't even promise to try to get one done today..

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J. said...

yeah we have the same condrum around here somedays, I am a creature of habit, perhaps a little to much sometimes.