Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why Being Me Isn't Fun Right Now

I came home to find out that Rand, Tony and John had gotten into a huge fight. Now, in my book, the 21 and 19 year olds should be the ones who have to figure out a way to not escalate the 14 year old. But whatever. ANd I would think the almost 18 year old wouldn't have to stand and add his two sense worth.

They were literally only home alone for a total of 15 minutes and they are all screaming and punching and commenting. And when I try to get them to settle down they both verbally attack me and both think it is my fault that they are fighting.

I am tired of the adrenaline and I am tired of the stress and I'm tired of being blamed.

And that is why being me isn't fun right now.


FAScinated said...

We need to get pedicures tonight when we're out doing the girly shopping thing together! That will fix everything. ~Kari

Other Mother said...

It must be the day, the moon, or the weather. You, Kari, and I -- all in about the same boat. Parenting kids with special needs is NOT easy. Some days we wonder . . . .