Thursday, October 08, 2009

Long Day Ahead

I am realizing this morning when reading my comments on facebook and on my blog that the older I get the more friends I have. And the more connected we are through the internet, the less possible it is to please everyone, maybe anyone.

I am on my way to Oklahoma for the book signing at my 100th homecoming. Thus I have to drive through Iowa and Kansas passing by many good friends. If I were more organized I might have been able to schedule meals with a few of them or even sleepovers, but lately things have been so chaotic that I haven't had the chance. So last night we practically drove by Nancy and Amanda and their families as well as Brian. Today we will pass by many others.

And the funny thing is, we're meeting a stranger in Kansas City for lunch even though I have a lot of friends there. She is an online only friend -- an adoptive parent -- who was keeping up with my blog and facebook and knew I would be driving right through and offered to take us out for authentic Mexican food for lunch. Maybe later she'll give me permission to post pictures and her name or screen name at least.

Life is strange huh? I would have loved to stop and see everyone I know on the way to Oklahoma today -- but I need to get there before next Thursday. ;-)

I'll be on the road but when I stop I do check email and facebook, so keep me entertained with comments if you wish. Having an Iphone has greatly improved my quality of life.


Jill Miller said...

Long time no hear aaaah !!! Have a great time, my best wishes go out to you both.
Tell your wonderful daughter Sadie Hi from Noah, he is still home sick but did mention that Sadie was with you on your road trip.
Yes, I would like to be you right now, but then again I would rather be anywhere but in a house filled with sickness. This is when having older children would be much better.
Have a great trip and sell lots of books and meet lots of great people.

Charyl said...

I live in Bartlesville and would love to meet you at your book signing. What time and place is it happening?

Poor Ophelia said...

I hope to be upgraded soon! Drive safe.

patti said...

Hey I'm in KC too. Where are you going, Ponaks? Mannys? Guadalajara? There are so many good ones! Hope you have a good time while you're here, but you can take your Minnesota-type temps back home with you!