Friday, October 02, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need to Hear It

It was an awesome day. As anticipated, we had a great day with a great group of people. There were many parents present, which is always enjoyable for me.

I shared a seminar called "Disruption Prevention Does Not Mean Placement Prevention". In it I remind parents that whether or not a disruption occurs does not depend on the child. It depends on the parent and how much commitment they have AND how much support they receive from the system.

Parents reported that they left very encouraged and filled with hope. There is something about listening to someone who as survived tough things and hung in there with their kids. Sometimes parents need to hear that they can change themselves enough to survive their kids. Sometimes they just need to hear it.

I had forgotten that I agreed to be video taped. had I remembered I might have taken time to get a haircut and pack a comb. But they did the video anyway and I"m excited that they may share the copyright with me and allow me to use segments in marketing as well as to sell to people who really can't afford to have me come do trainings but want to share my message with others.

I sold all the books I brought and ended up feeling quite good about the day.

If you look at the picture above you'll see nothing. Pretty much exactly what I see sitting in the Lubbock airport. There may not be a tree between here and Dallas.

I still have several hours of travel left, but Bart and 3 of the boys are going to meet me at the airport at 11:20. They are very excited about being out in the middle of the night in the big city. ;-) We will spend the night in Mpls before I take Bart to meet Rand with a the other vehicle and then I go to the fostr parent's convention and then the shower....

and they will head home.

It's been a good week, but I'm looking forward to my own bed tomorrow night!


Marge said...

You have had a busy week! I'm sure many have learned much from you.

Just wanted to say that I neglected Kari's kids for the first whole day I was there, as I read your book from cover to cover. Excellent job, Claudia! We got our four at once, so it was interesting to read about each of your kids and the story about their adoption. I will be recommending your book.


Me and Jesus said...

Just wanted to let you know I am planning on attending your conference in a city near me, in Nov. I am very excited to hear you speak in person. I am bringing a friend who has been a foster/adoptive parent for 13 yrs.
I am working on recruiting others to go with us.