Sunday, October 04, 2009


I made it through my very long way. The presentation yesterday was fun and went well and I sold a few books on top of it. The baby shower was fun and low key and Gabriella Marie (due January 8) got a lot of nice stuffy. Salinda seemed quite happy.

I came home to all kinds of stupid annoying news. The kids love to greet me with everything negative that Bart might have forgotten to tell me about the week. It's funny how when I stand up in front of a group of parents to teach them how to manage their own responses to the annoying things in our lives that I always have a test very quickly after to determine whether or not I can practice what I preach. Some of the items included a bloody lip, a broken window, cigarettes and full beer cans, none of which were necessary connected.... except that one person was involved in all 4 of them.

Make that five. A case of someone sleeping specifically where I told them they could not. Yup. Same person. I'm going to lose it soon if I don't self regulate.

I'm up this morning, obsessing about why we had no amazon orders this week and trying to figure out how I can continue to market and sell books in such a disorganized fashion. Fortunately we will be getting some help with that soon.

Today is church followed by lunch to be followed by phase one of "take back the house" which the children have been destroying slowly since we moved in. And I seriously need a haircut.

Three days until I'm on the road again... got a lot to do before then.

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Piano Safari said...

Gabriella Marie. Very pretty name Salinda has chosen!