Friday, March 19, 2010

Good While It Lasted

As I was finishing up my meeting tonight, I got a text from Salinda telling me that she was shopping here in our town with her boyfriend's mom and that she would be going home with her afterwards because bfs mom's mother was in town or something. So I got to spend 45 minutes with Gabby last night and that was it. I had to leave before they were up this morning and didn't get home until they had already left.

But apparently she told Bart they'd be home on Sunday, though. so that's good. I'm just trying to take the whole thing one day at a time.

I'm tired tonight though and had much different plans for my evening that included baby holding. :-(


GB's Mom said...

I am sorry. In our world, very little of the good can be counted on.{{{Hugs}}}

Little Wonder said...

C.R.A.P.! Baby holding is great therapy after a long day.

Hey, from 8-5 M-F, I have a household of little guys...could always use a baby holder. Not what you meant? LOL