Sunday, March 07, 2010

I have Ankle Bones

I saw them this morning. It was nice to see them.

Last I heard from Salinda she had still not arrived at her destination by about 9 last night. She said she'd text me when she got there, but I woke up to no texts. Haven't heard anything this morning. No, I'm not that worried. She does this kind of thing often. She promises to text and forgets. I figure if there was an emergency, her boyfriend's mom would call. And if they are doing the "big getaway" then I guess they can. I've had to let that all go.

Just a few minutes until we leave for church, followed by a luncheon to benefit a local charity, and then parenting alone all afternoon as Bart has a 6 hour training. Right now it looks like we are on target for everyone to be ready on time.

Oops. Spoke to soon. All the sudden everyone needs something from me.... but at least I can walk.... and breathe... and move my arm.... and sleep at night... and have some energy -- all things that were lacking in the last month!

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