Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hearing myself in my head

Sometimes the day after I speak to parents I am confronted with so many things that I immediately don't follow my own advice on that I hear my own voice in my head scolding me for not obeying myself. And no, I don't think I am ready for a Multiple Personality Disorder diagnosis.

I got home after a full day of speaking, mingling, and then travel and arrived here about 10:00. I was too tired to deal with anything that involved confrontation to I just let it go.

But this morning, after sleeping pretty well, I'm not that tired. But I awakened to find the weirdest conglomeration of people sleeeping everywhere.

We have moved the house around to accommodate a room for Salinda nad the baby when they visit and we had moved in a crib and bassinett this week. Sadie's stuff was sompletely out of there and her bed was covered from stuff from the shower two weeks ago. Knowing that I would definitely do it wrong, I didn't move anything off the bed or put it away. I figured when she got here she would do that. Apparently not. So her bed is unavailable,apparently.

Salinda's boyfriend was here this weekend with her and she also picked up a friend on the way home. Sadie insisted on having a friend over. This results in 15 of us sharing two bathrooms to get ready for church in the morning. When I woke up early to get a shower I realized that nothing was as I had originally invisioned it. Sadie, who had promsied that she and her friend would sleep in her room, was on the couches with her friend, Salinda sleeping in the recliner in the living room. Henry was in Sadie's bed and there was a mattress on the floor in Salinda's room where her friend was sleeping. Not even Tony was in his bed -- he had to sleep on the couch too. Everywhere I went there was sleeping teenager tht didn't belong in that particular spot.

Now, I realize that this does not matter AT ALL. No boys were sleeping with any girls. No huge rules were being broken. But I am a control freak and I don't undersrtand why it is so hard to just sleep where we agreed on everyone sleeping.

So, at this moment I'm having a little emotional internal argument. Part of me is saying "do you know how happy some families would be if they had all of their children up getting ready for church without protesting?" and the other side of me is screaming, But DANGIT, why can't they just DO WHAT I SAY!!!!!

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Sheila said...

Ahh ,it is good to hear someone say out loud what i think. So much of my energy is spent telling myself it doesn't matter that it wasn't done my way as long as they are not doing anything horribly wrong.Yeh I guess I am a bit of a control freak to, but in a way we have to be in order to manage a house full of children who don't learn how to manage "things" until they are much older.(if at all)