Monday, November 16, 2009

There is An Answer to the Health Problems

Thanks for nagging me to go to the doctor. Blood work revealed that my thyroid is all out of wack and I have a prescription. Within 6-8 weeks I should be completely "normal" and that will be awesome. Knowing there is an answer has made me feel better already.

That and the fact that yesterday I spent the afternoon reading a book with my feet up, trying to get rid of all that swelling. It seems to have helped. ANd I had a nice long meal with my husband away from kids while they were at youth group. Not working for a few hours and getting lots of rest helped. And finally, Bart agreed to "do the morning" this morning, and I got to rest a bit, not having to get the kids up or out of the door. So I'm now at the office, having had a healthy convenient breakfast that works for me. I'm in the process of restructuring my life and getting myself back.

Anybody else need to do that? A couple years ago I started down that road and made a lot of progress. Felt better than I ever had. Now it's time to discipline myself to get back there.


Linda up north said...

The thyroid out of whack can make such a difference in energy level (among other things). Glad you went in and got some meds.
Take care of yourself now ;)

ThomasVille said...

Glad you went to the doctor! Feel better soon!

Mrs. F said...

Good news in finding the problem!

Hang in there Claudia.

If you are looking to change up your exercise routine, please check out Couch to 5k. I went from hating running to actually liking it. My husband who is 5'8 and was 300 lbs -- started this program 12 weeks ago and lost 21 lbs.

Heres our blog if you want to check it out --


Lee said...

Glad you found out what was wrong. Be good to yourself and try and take things a bit easier till the thyroid is a properly functioning unit once more!