Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Had a Dream

It's been two years since I we added children to our family and more than two years since I have had my recurring dream.... the dream that we have more kids suddenly and that I had no idea how they got into our house. My memory of the process of the match is completely empty in those dreams but the kids are here and I know they are ours.

This time it was a sibling group of three girl (Amanda) 17, Boy (whose name I did not know, and that was very very frustrating), and girl (Casey) 13. Caucasian. Average looking, somewhat calm kids, who took school seriously. And it was the first morning for us to take everyone to school.

I was in the basement of a church that had a hardware store in it (because all hardware stores are located in church basements) and there were a bunch of men there selling things. I needed to take my shower in order for me to get everyone to school because Bart was folding laundry. When Tony finally got out of the shower, all the sudden the shower had moved itself into a big room in that church basement and there were small chairs set up and people were gathering to watch me shower. I had no choice but to do it -- in front of all these men and boys -- because the compelling need to get all 12 kids to school as soon as possible was driving me to do ridiculous things.

WHen I finally got clean there was nothing to wear and the kids seemed to be everywhere. It was then that I realized that there was no way everyone was going to fit in the vehicles that we had available. I remember having the thought "this time, we went too far. WE're never going to be able to give these kids what they need.

Bart awakened me right as I was going downstairs to give JOhn instructions about his ride only to find three boys trying to pull Tony off of the top of John.

I never did learn the boys name.

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