Thursday, November 19, 2009

On Revisiting a Former Home

When I was a teenager I loved Ziggy. Remember Ziggy? I had a calendar and some of the things that were on my ziggy calendar were so profound. Phrases ike "you have to enjoy here while your'e here because there is no here there" were excellent reminders to me during my back and forth trips between college and home.

But one of my calendar pages says, "There's no feeling like revisiting a former home and realizing you don't live there any more." That is what we did last night when we went back to Luverne for our book signing. Except that it was a good feeling -- not unsettled or awkward, and we got to see some of the most amazing people.

I've given up trying to figure out who does what and why when it comes to book sales and book signings. People that I expect to be enthusiastic about the book and purchase one right away are ambivalent and those I don't think we are that close to or would care have been some of the first to purchase the book. It's just a very odd thing.

But regardless of numbers (and there were quite a few more than the night before) or sales (more of those too) it was a chance for us to remember seven wonderful years surrounded by some of the best people who live on this planet. And while the trip was quick (we were gone about 9 hours, taking five boys with us in the van) they were hours very well spent.

We had our challenges during those years in Luverne, but we had a wonderful church family that supported us every day. So even if we didn't sell hundreds of books, we did bring to mind hundreds of memories, wonderful memories, than money can't buy.

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