Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I've gotten a bit lost...

Bart left town and I got lost in all of the things that need to happen around here.

So ... I forgot to blog.

On Monday I started to be very thorough, updating my Baby Steps Out blog (which some of you might be ready to start now that it is the new year) and even my weight loss blog Steps, formerly known as the Shrinking Slob. But I never got around to posting here. Yesterday I had several goals I was trying to reach and never got around to blogging in any of hte three.

I'm getting the kids off to school and then going to the Y -- after that it's my plan to update you on something cool that happened.

Some not so cool things that happened are more drama with Salinda which may mean she doesn't end up starting college (she is here again) and my discovery that 18 year old innocent Ricardo has a new girlfriend who just turned 15. Been down that road, dont wnat to go down it again, but can't really do much. The more I say the more they will be drawn together, and as he says, "I'm not doing nothing mom."

Just keep doing nothing, little man.

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Kathleen said...

One of the times my son had a 14 or 15 year old girlfriend when he was already 18, we drove him to the girlfriend's home and told them his age (he had told them he was younger), set the story straight about his driving (no license, no car, if he's driving, it's a stolen vehicle, usually one of ours), and let them know that since we both work outside the home, if their daughter was at our house before 5 pm, it's likely that they were unsupervised and doing things they shouldn't be doing (as we'd found him and other girls alone in his room and on his bed previously).

The girl's dad was rather large.. and not happy! The girl's mom was a cop! LOL

That was pretty much the end of that relationship... unfortunately, he just took up with another similarly aged, and her parents let him move in with them ... now she and DS have a baby together. :-/ And they're now apart, and fighting about custody and visitation and so on....