Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Miss Me?

Yesterday was nuts. I left at 6:45.. I drove to the Cities. I had meetings until 12:30. I drove to my office, having an important conversation on the way. I worked hard there for the full time I was there to finish a project that had to be put in the mail. I went to the post office and mailed it. I drove straight to the wrestling match here in our home town and spent exactly 3 hours and 4 minutes on bleachers so that I could see Ricardo and Leon wrestle for a total, between them, of 2 minutes and 35 seconds. They each won one by forfeit and then Ricardo pinned his guy in about a minute and a half and Leon was really going to beat his guy -- until he got disqualified because the other guy was injured in what apparently was an illegal move -- although Leon wasn't trying to do it. So I wasn't home all day.

After I got home Sadie apologized, taking us to the top of the teen attachment cycle ready for another round. (if you have teens that's a link to a pretty decent post I wrote. In fact, even if you don't have teens it's still a decent post.

Today I have a pretty full day as well to include a perm which I really need before I go to Seattle this weekend. By the way, Karen and Karen, you know who you are. You guys are NUTS for going all the way from Missouri to Seattle for that conference! But I hope it is really really good and you think it was worth the trip.

I need to go drive everyone this morning -- our neighbor, who usually takes some of the kids, is taking a vacation day.

Oh, and Salinda put Henry's car in the ditch on her way to class yesterday... that's newsworthy I guess -- but she was the only one in the vehicle and she is OK.

Oh, and I might be getting my hours cut in another job. Seems like Bart and I receive bad financial news almost daily lately. Good thing I'm one of those followers of the guy who "owns the cattle on a thousand hills, the wealth in every mine, the rivers, and the rocks and rills, the sun and stars that shine" -- anyone know that song?

Have a great day y'all.


GB's Mom said...

I hadn't read your teen attachment post before. It is really good and right on the money!

Tracy said...

What conference are you doing in Seattle? Is it open to the public and is there room left?

Claudia said...

yes, open to the public, but there's a registration fee.