Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yesterday I was surrounded by my children... possibly because of what I wrote yesterday. Maybe God was giving me a chance to work on the redemption of relationship after what I posted yesterday.

Isaac spent seven hours with us and still feeling a bit less like himself because of his recent illness, was very cuddly and sweet. He charmed me for most of those hours, spending much of the last two on my lap. But everyone loves to be around him, so during the day, while the kids were home from school for staff inservice, they surrounded me and him doing the things they do.

I was also surrounded by phone and text from the girlfriends of the jailed ones and from Salinda who wanted to know what was going on. It was a long and hard day, but I was pleased with my ability to handle it. Things always go much better when I am able to break it down and take things one at a time.

So that's my goal for today as well. One step at a time, one issue at a time, until the day is over, enjoying the positive moments along the way.

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GB's Mom said...

Great goal!