Monday, January 09, 2012

Just Ten Minutes...

I have ten minutes to update you on my life And then I'm off for a full day of running here and there.

OK. Sadie had a good week and I was very pleased with her until the weekend, and the little things are starting up again -- not doing dishes, not waking up on time, etc. etc. I'm hoping the big things don't start as well.

Ricardo (18) decided to sneak out on Saturday night to meet the new just-turned-15-year old girlfriend to go to a movie. I felt that her mother should know about this (we've been connected with this family since back in the Salinda stole our car days when she was 15). He came home (sneaking back in) but by 3:00 a.m. the girl was texting Salinda asking her if she could break up with Ricardo for her. Ha.

So Ricardo gets up this morning and I told him what i thought were reasonable consequences. Before he could leave the house again or watch TV he needed to work off there hours of his debt for the car accident. I also told him if he did it again (sneak out for hours) that I would have him move his stuff into the basement with the other kids over 18.

He moved out in a huff with some people he has been threatening to move in with for months. They have sworn they won't let him do it -- so maybe it won't last long -- but he's gone. And it's a very bad move on his part. He's only a junior in H.S. and i'm not sure why they would want to take on financial responsibility for him. He has no job, refuses to get one, etc. etc. And he's so stubborn that he is going to learn the hard way.

In the meantime, Mike is supposed to start college today and he is homeless once again. It is so hard for me not to offer him a place here, but anyone who has followed our story knows that that just is a bad idea every time. But I'm supposed to give him a ride this morning -- if he texts me -- and help him get some school supplies. He is storing his stuff in Bart's office -- which we arranged for last night.

It's so ironic that Ricardo is giving up security on the same day Mike would love to have it.

My husband is coming home today and I am going to be very happy to see him. He is only home tonight and leaves tomorrow. I did several things to please him while he was gone though so hopefully he will be pleased.

OK. I'm heading off to take kids to therapy and college. By the way Courtney, John's girlfriend and Isaac's mom, starts college today as well.

I am not sure Sadie even got up for school, but with her GPA the way it is, I am pretty sure the only thing she really misses out on is the social piece. I absolutely cannot comprehend how anyone can get grades as low as some of my kids. I would have had to try my hardest to answer things wrong to come up with those grades.

But apparently I'm weird and not like everyone else.

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