Friday, January 20, 2012

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Beginning to My Day

If you've ever read the book about Alexander you'll know that happened to him in the book was that horrible, just a bunch of little things.

So... here are my little things.

I woke up a bit later than typical because I was going to go to the Y later, but that made things a bit off for everyone. Wilson decided to ask for a ride to school for the first time this year, but waiting until later to tell me and so i had to quickly budget in that time for the morning. Tony argued about shower times incessantly, including many bad words hurled in my direction. Dominyk was threatening not to go to school. My earbuds and my water bottle, necessities for the Y were locked in my office but the keys were already out warming up the van. Sadie returned my space heater, not to where she borrowed it from, but to my room, so my office is freezing.

On the way to school I slid down a hill, ran over a curb, and almost hit a brick wall. Kari texted me saying she wasn't going to go to the Y even though I had my bag packed and ready (minus water bottle and earbuds. Roads were horrible so I decided just to come back home.

It's still snowing, I'm not showered, my office is a disaster, I don't feel well, and the yummy yogurt that I thought I was eating for 14 carbs did that thing where they said that the container had two servings in it so I spent 28 carbs before I knew it.

I am not feeling very motivated nor very inspired.

Yesterday was a bit better day I guess. Had lunch with one of our children who doesn't live at home who tried his best to push my buttons, but I found that if I ignored his attempts to make me feel bad and just moved on, he would keep going and find something new to say. I was emotionally exhuasted and had several craters in my tongue by the time it was over, but I succeeded in surviving a meal with him without making him angry.

Last night we went to see Joyful Noise and enjoyed it despite it's bad reviews. The music is awesome.

Hopefully I will be able to overcome the lousy beginning of my day today and make some progress.....

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DynamicDuo said...

Hope your okay! It wasn't as bad in the country as it was once we got to town.
we passed alot of cars in ditches and a few that met up with stationary posts and signs, thankfully we all made it through the day.
sometimes I think God puts these really crappy days in front of us to remind us that we are indeed stronger than we feel, more resilent than we want to be, and gives us the survivor mentality to make it through another day.