Monday, June 29, 2009

And then there were four

Dominyk and Bart just left for camp today and so now there are four children home.

12 growing Fletcher kids taught of God and heaven
one went off to college and then there were eleven

11 growing Fletcher kids, the places they have been
one off to alcohol treatment, and then there were ten.

10 growing Fletcher kids, their pictures in a line
one got arrested, and then there were nine.

9 growing Fletcher kids, not wanting to be late
one went to Grandma's for the summer and then there were eight.

8 growing Fletcher kids, number's about to dive
three went on a missions trip and then there were five.

5 growing Fletcher kids, you're about to hear me roar
One went with dad to church camp and then there were four!

I only spent four minutes on that so if it isn't literary genius, you know why.

Yup, we're down to four kids home today and when Salinda leaves tonight, that will be three.

Plus our newest "son" who is really just a friend of the kids, but who is living here this summer. However, he is at summer school, as is WIlson this morning.

So really, right now I only have 3 kids at home. Salinda is leaving for driver's ed hours in a couple hours.

So here we are. It's nice to have time to sort things out and get started with my day!

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Angela :-) said...

Wow! I'm impressed.

Angela :-)