Sunday, January 08, 2017

Two Keys to Great Things: Keep Doing What You're Doing and Be Willing

There is no church today because of weather, and so I started my day by reading the chapters for today as I read the Bible through in a year.   Today's reading was the story about how Abraham's servant found a wife for his son,  Isaac.

I have read this story many, many times, but today it struck me differently.   The story goes like this:  Abraham sends his servant back to the old country to find a wife for his son, Isaac.  The servant does NOT want to screw up so He works out a plan with God. He says, "I'm going to go to the well and ask the girls for a drink.  The first one that says "sure, I'll give you a drink and let me get some water for your camel's first" will be the one.   Rebekah does exactly that, so the servant negotiates with her father, who is reluctant to send her.  He finally says, "OK, ask her.  If she's willing to go that far away to be with a man she has never met just because you say that it is God's plan, then she can go."  Rebekah is all for it and because of that choice, she was able to be a key figure in history.  She got to be in a very important line of people who populated the earth to fulfill the promise that her father-in-law had received directly from God.

What caught my attention this morning is that Rebekah had no idea what was happening.  Nobody gave her a heads up.   She was just that kind of a a girl.    She was the kind of person who would give a stranger a drink and then offer to water their camels too.   She didn't get up that morning thinking, "I'm going to be chosen to do something great so I better be on my best behavior!"  She just did what she always did.

Then, several hours later she was given an opportunity to completely change her life overnight.  She was invited to take off with a stranger to meet and marry a stranger in a land far away from home.  And she said YES!  She had more faith than her father did, apparently, because he was reluctant.  But she believed it was God's plan, and once that was settled she was ready to go.

Many of us spend our lives thinking that we aren't good enough to do something big for God.  Or maybe we think that we have to be in a special place doing something special, in order for Him to choose us.  But that isn't the secret.  The secret is to keep faithfully doing what we are called to do and then to be willing to say yes when the opportunities come.

I have no idea what God's next big thing is for you, but I do know that if you are doing what He called you to now, and you're willing to take the next step, that you might just find yourself smack dab in the middle of a miracle!

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