Monday, June 08, 2009

Aquarium Phenomenon

This is my current analogy. See this aquarium? It's underground and you walk under there to look at the fish. Now, imagine what would happen if there were a water tight door right next to where this person is standing. What would happen if she opened the door?

That is how I feel about my life lately. I have so much to do that it all seems nice and tidy but I feel as though if I open the door to do even one thing, i will suddenly be overwhelmed by the massive amount of things that will come pouring over me and suck the air out of my lungs. OK, so I'm a bit melodramatic, but hey, I can be if I want.

I'm trying to follow my own advice and break things down into manageable pieces, but it still gets overwhelming at times.

And right now, I'm standing next to that door, afraid to open it so instead I'm not opening it. I'm blogging.

I woke up with a tremendous headache. I took something for it and it still hasn't gone away. I spent 90 minutes getting Wilson to Cub Scout Day camp 10 minutes from here (long story -- I'm so unorganized!!!) and now almost everyone else is asleep.

OK, Hold Your Breath with me, I'm about to open the door.... hope i don't drown.


Spinner said...

Passing you a set of water wings . . .

Corrine said...

I am sending a snorkle, and flippers!

FAScinated said...

I'm sending you a string bikini!