Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Great Read

I seldom have time to read fiction, but being an author, I wanted to support my friend Todd, who wrote a novel. So in one plane trip I devoured his book, Justice for All.

You know when you have a friend and you buy their book, it's always a big risk. You hope it's good, but what if it isn't? Then what are you going to do?

But Todd's book was not a disappointment at all. I was pleasantly surprised -- not that I didn't think Todd would be a good writer, but because it was just so very captivating.

Now, I recognize that this is hardly a book review that is professionally done but it's just good fiction. Here's some information about it.

A series of gruesome murders…
Bodies discarded, one piece at a time, along interstate highways…
An almost-total lack of clues…

FBI Special Agent Lukas Breyer has been given a task: find the killer. The media and the public are screaming for results. The entire expertise of the FBI is behind him, but there isn’t much to go on. Patrick J. “PJ” O’Reiley, Jr., is also waiting for that killer to be found. He’s the prosecuting attorney in King County, Washington , where the first body was found and where, he hopes, the killer will be put on trial.

Justice For All is amazing! Because of all the years I've been in investigations my mind is trained to automatically look for things—I almost can’t help it—but I have to honestly say there are no holes in the plot of Justice For All. All the bases are covered, but also the book tells the story of realistic people with believable personalities. It is such a great book!
—Maria Sliwa
Former undercover NYPD officer and
director of corporate investigations

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