Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Not a Tear

It was nearly a perfect morning this morning. Tony dropped the F bomb once and stole a pop and Dominyk nearly made me go off the road by finding my tripod in the van and trying to shoot everyone with it but that was IT. That was the extent of all the drama this morning.

Dominyk did not shed a tear, which is so very odd. He found his clothes, got ready on his own, and didn't complain, whine or beg. I had woken him up 10 minutes later because I wanted to reduce the crying time. you better believe I'm going to try that again tomorrow. (the picture above is obviously not from this morning -- but from Saturday).

My week is nearly free of meetings, a welcomed switch from the last month or two. The rest of November gets crazy, but I"m going to need to catch up on lots of work the next few days.

I was just wiped out yesterday -- slept all afternoon and was still able to sleep at night. This morning I'm still feeling tired, but have enough energy to at least look forward to my day with some enthusiasm.

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