Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It worked .... Kinda

Yesterday I set out a schedule for Rand that was minute by minute from the time i left the house until I got home. It included everything he needed to do, including taking his own shower. I told him to watch the times.

He got everything done on the list.

So today he has a new list. His first task is to go fix all the things that he didn't get done right yesterday, and I list them. At least he stayed on task somewhat it appears and I didn't have to give him step by step directions all day.

We'll see how today goes.

I'm off to IEP meeting, Psychiatrist and to the store. We are out of everything that I usually buy. Toilet paper, shampoo, Downey and Tide, etc..... so I'll go stalk up. They'll be happy to see me. It's been a while.

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