Wednesday, November 04, 2009

When It Rains is Floods Me Until I'm Drowning

All the sudden I am having serious internet issues. It's a long story that begins with Dominyk driving me crazy on Sunday night with his endless chatting, even after being warned multiple times that he was going push me over the edge. Unfortunately, I didn't go over the edge, but ironically a glass of pop did, falling into my firewall, which apparently ruined it. Thus, I had to reconfigure our internet and now only one computer at a time can have access to it and I can't get into my server at work.

Now this morning my main email program isn't receiving emails.... either on my phone or on my web-based app or on my regular mail application. It looks as though someone may have hacked my account.

I had already planned to work from Panera this morning, but that leaves the house with no internet, so I will need to fix that this afternoon, something I wasn't planning on.

I had a few other things that needed to get done today besides buying and configuring a new firewall. A post for later today: Tearing Down for the Remodel.... I'll keep you guessing on that one.

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Torina said...

Hmmm....I am guessing you will be building a nursery??