Monday, April 19, 2010

Each Day... Maybe Each Hour... Is a New One

We just had a great morning. No meltdowns, no hassles, no arguments. And I can tell you one reason why.

I pretended like my brain had no memory of yesterday. Thus, my mouth was shut about things that happened last night. I figured out several years ago that kids with FASD really don't store much in their brains. Every day is a new day. And so if I can be cheerful and happy and loving, they can too.

It's when my fully functioning brain gets in the way and reminds them of yesterday that problems begin. Then they remember that they are mad at me and have to go through the whole thing again. I have figured out to just shut up unless absolutely necessary.

Dominyk is 14 today... really hard to believe. He came at nine months... a very challenging 13 years old, but underneath all his challenges he can be a really sweet boy. It's weird thinking of my baby joining Facebook groups like Biker Girls (I took him off immediately....)

But anyway, life goes better when I pretend yesterday didn't exist. If you have a kid with FASD you should try it. It works pretty well sometimes.


GB's Mom said...

I will. :)

Psycho Mom said...

brilliant advise!