Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dinner, Olympics, Balloons and Beards

We had dinner out tonight. Bart had a coupon and it was kids eat free night. Of course, we only have two kids, the rest are adults, but I digress....

When my food arrived, Leon said, "that's why you aren't in the Olympics." Even though I only planned to eat half of my sandwich apparently it was more than he thought I should eat. Then they brought HIS plate full of food -- which was twice the amount of food I had ordered. I asked him, "Why aren't YOU in the Olympics?" "I'm too young" he said, as if I was stupid not to know.

Dominyk suggested maybe it was time for him to start shaving. He asked how you know. "When you have a lot of beard" Ricardo told him.

The balloon guy was at the restaurant, so we got balloons and I took pictures. But Ricardo, as usual would not cooperate with my photography efforts.

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Monica said...

I check in nearly every day whether calm or horrible. Glad things are calm right now. We're kind of in a mix of both which is weird. I appreciate how you and Bart incorporate how we do this as Christians since so much adoption information and therapy definitely does not come from that viewpoint. Why does it feel like such uncharted territory in Christian circles when it seems like this is a lot of what the gospel is about? Anyway, keep it up!