Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just like Marshmallows and Bacon

Sorry for the late start and for not blogging yet. Shame on me. Said goodbye to the Y and a bra this morning and then showered, took Tony to the Psychiatrist and then off to buy school supplies. I think I waited a tad too long this year. Sigh. Still have a couple more kids that need to go, too.

Quick break for a funny story. While we were in the psychiatrist I was explaining hangovers to Tony because he asked what one was. I was explaining to him how sick people felt the morning after drinking, headache, throwing up. I said it would be like knowing a certain food made you sick and then eating a lot of it any way.

"Kind of like Marshmallows and Bacon, huh?" he replied as if I should know that.

Apparently one night he put a whole bunch of marshmallows in the microwave and then ate them with a spoon and soon after that had a lot of bacon. So he has vowed never to eat the two together again.

Yup -- that's a hangover for you. Marshmallow and bacon puke. Might be able to use that to keep kids off of alcohol for a long time.

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