Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time is Just Speeding By

Bart and I headed out to James Photography today to get pictures done for publicity purposes for our website and other upcoming brochures, etc. James was so helpful and his price so reasonable that I have to mention him here. He had a few of the pictures touched up and in my email box before we even got home. This is one. Another one I posted on my dieting blog because people were asking for before and after pictures. I called it my before and during pictures since I still have so much to lose.

This afternoon was preparing for and attending a long meeting a back home and now it's 5:00. I ended up driving kids everywhere and it has been one of those days where not much got done at the desk.

Oh well, there's always tonight. Who needs sleep?

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FAScinated said...

You must be the good looking Fletchers! Hot, hot, hot! ~Kari