Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Night that Would Never Begin

Last night was really a stupid one. Stupid because nothing really bad happened, but it was just a series of dumb things that drove me nuts.

Salinda had asked if a friend could spend the night, which is fine. At 8:45 she came home and said, "hey mom, I'm home. I'm going to go water plants" (she has a job doing that for a couple week for neighbors on vacation." About 9:20 she let me know she was back. I assumed her friend was here.

By 9:50 I was ready to go to bed and I couldn't find the girls anywhere to tell them goodnight. I finally texted her friend's cell phone to ask where they were and got no response. By 10:10 the phone was ringing. It was the friend. She asked if Salinda was here. I said, "No, who is this?" When it was her I was very confused. Told her I didn't know where Salinda was. Told her I thought she was spending the night. She said she was, but they had dropped Salinda off earlier and she wasn't here yet.

At that point Salinda came in the front door. Apparently she had been outside waiting for the friend to arrive and was shooting baskets in the dark. SIgh.

I went to bed. At 10:40 the girls mom called and woke me up from some critical period of REM sleep I'm sure. She asked if her daughter was there. I went looking and yes, she was there. So I reported that back and went back to bed.

At 11:30 the doorbell rang. I went to investigate. The girls had ordered pizza without mentioning or watching for the guy so he had to ring the bell and the dog had to freak out.

At 11:45 I had to go out and tell the girls to be quiet because they were making so much noise.

At midnight on the dot my alarm clock went off because apparently during one of the times the phone rang I had punched the wrong numbers and set the buzzer to go off at midnight.

All innocent stuff. But the stress comes in the fact that I had spent a large portion of yesterday putting blogs into word format to prepare for writing the next book. I had been going through October of 2007 and relived this experience which happened with the same girl.

So you throw in a little post traumatic stress and things like missing people and basketball in the dark and all those kinds of things become major ordeals.

But the good news I finally did fall asleep sometime around 12:30. And now we're ready for another day.

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