Friday, August 29, 2008

Nobody But Bart

should should have the privilege of announcing this important family news to the world.

Which was a follow up to this post about the same child.

It's been a better day than I anticipated. I spend a difficult morning as a social worker, but by the end of the experience realized that I'm pretty good at what I do. Some days I don't feel that way, but today I do.

Bart and I have been having multiple conversations about parenting lately and whether it is worth it or not in the world of parenting adopted kids with special needs. And my conclusions are this: The lows are really lows, but the highs are really high. And you take the highs and you catch them -- like falling stars -- and you put them in your pocket -- and you save them for a time when you need them.

Bart's news is a high. Go read it.

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Tim said...

That's great news! What school district is he in, since we are north of St. Paul? Janell