Friday, August 01, 2008

Some promising and not so promising things

I can't blog some of the not so promising things as it involves a promise of confidentiality that i made to someone.

But here are a few positive things about Salinda at this moment: She came with us this morning. Bart and I invited anyone who wanted to come to join us for our 6:30 a.m. departure to the Apple Store. She came along, as did Sadie, WIlson, and Jimmy. It was a quiet ride while the kids slept. And we then went shoe shopping. I bought new tennis shoes -- Consumer Reports recommendation.... Nike AIr Healthwalkers. WIth added padding and arch supports. They are getting more comfortable by the moment.

And, as you can see by Wilson's distraught face at the shoe store, shopping for shoes for me and Salinda wasn't his favorite thing, though he was a good sport.

Anyway, that was certainly a digression.

When we returned home without a thank you or anything for the purchase of shoes for Salinda's upcoming tennis season, she suddenly asked for a $47 loan. I explained to her that last night's behavior (breaking into my office and taking my phone, and being on the phone and watching TV after hours) combined with her lack of gratitude this morning, caused me to have no motivation to tell her yes.

Surprisingly she silently walked away without a fit. That's promising. I know, sounds weird, but with her it is.

I went up to her room later and explained to her that if she apologized for last night and if she thanked me for today and offered a payment plan, I might be more receptive. I left her to think about that.

When I got home I had some work to do my desk and was moaning that I was going to have to finish up last nights dishes (her turn). The excuses she started throwing at me made me laugh and that seemed to break her mood. I came to my office and she came down to report that she had not only finished her dishes from last night, but did all the rest of them as well (Tony's turn today and he's not here).

And then when she asked me for a favor, I immediately said yes. Fortunately it was a favor that was cheaper than $47.00.

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