Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sears Comes Through Way Too Late, but at Least They Did

We got approval today to spend $800 on a new washer. Bart and I went tonight and we spent a bit more than that. It is only 4 days short of 2 full months since the guy came the first time to fix the washer. We have probably spent $400 at least on laundromat.

But Saturday we will have a brand new washer and finally be able to start catching up on laundry. We have been saving bedding etc. and not taking it to the laundromat.

I am super tired tonight again. Not sure waht is up. Going to go back to the Y in the morning and see if htat makes a difference...

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Jodee Kulp said...

Yup that's what our lives are
And how would we ever get through a day without Our Father holding our hands.