Friday, August 15, 2008


I've not had a good morning. Several disappointments.... a huge increase in workload... and a selfish, manipulative, demanding, ungrateful, should I go on.... daughter.

But while waiting at the eye doctor's office for said daughter I picked up People Magazine and read about Steven Curtis Chapman again and their struggles this year.

And I can't help but remind myself that no matter how annoying Maria might have been as a teenager, that ten years from now they would have wanted her alive and well and with them....

So I have to remind myself today that my piddly whining about typical teenage behavior is pathetic... that I could be dealing with so much more than what I am.

She hasn't done anything incredibly stupid for almost 3 weeks. She is finally almost out of debt. She is doing what I ask after much struggle and argument.

But she's here. She's alive. And I think what the Chapmans are teaching all of us through this tragedy is that God's grace is sufficient.

So I need to be grateful for those things and spend my time not whining.

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