Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Announcing the Survival...

of Saliinda's Summer. When the school year ended I was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen. Pretty sure that I was going to completely lose it with her -- or that she was going to make irreversible mistakes.

But we made it. And she and Jimmy are off to their first day of school.

Thursday the rest will go so that is major celebration day.

But today is definitely a day to celebrate. We survived Salinda's summer.

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nancy said...

Congratulations to you and your beautiful daughter for surviving the summer. Salinda, do NOT be afraid of success! It's what God created you for. Think of all the people you can help in the future, people who might not have the family support that you have. Being a mom, I know exactly how much your mom loves you and wants the very best for you. And I know that she will never give up on any of her kids, but will do everything in her power to help them reach the success each is capable and deserving of. I am praying for your school year. I know, from the strength and determination you have shown in other areas, that you have what it takes to stand strong. You know about the full armor of God...having a pastor for a dad. It's time to really dig deep and start using it all, Girl! You deserve good things, Salinda.

I am so proud of your mom for the self-discipline and determination she has shown with her weight loss. It's taken her one day at a time, one good snack or bottle of water downed, one refusal to sleep in...to reach this point. Your battle won't be easy, either, but you can take the steps each day to stay on course for your own goals and success. I should be so disciplined! Your mom has been an example to me to take the first step...and then keep on walking in the right direction. She has reminded me that life is really all about taking those little steps each day to live the life we know we should, that God desires for us, and that will truly make us happy and give us peace.

Congratulations on all your tennis victories. It will be even more exciting to hear that you are living life victoriously! I'm expecting great things out of such a talented young lady as you. I believe in you, as do so many others who truly love you.

nancy in Iowa