Friday, September 05, 2008

Another Excellent Question

And Toni (actually a friend of ours from college) asked another question. What is the value of an adult being diagnosed with FASD? Is it too late for them to get a diagnosis?

I have often thought about that in regards to Rand. What does a diagnosis serve if we are to get one? If his IQ is too high, would he qualify for services anyway?

Have any of you had a son or daughter diagnosed with FASD as an adult? How did that serve them or you? Would you recommend it?


momma-o-minnie said...

My son has FASD. He has not been diagnosed, but you cannot miss it (for one he has brothers and sisters diagnosed) on his face - small ears, wide set eyes, long frenlum. He has OCD, ADD, PTSD (Thanks to abuse) and chronic depression. He struggles with learning, but he is college trying to become a special ed teacher. If he completes this (Please, dear God, hear this prayer!) he will be the most excellent teacher because he is so patient with other kids.

We have spent the time from when he was 12 on, explaining what FAE/FASD was, trying to help him piece together his behaviors and make better choices. We have helped him to see how his facial changes were different than others, but that he was just the same. We've helped him to see that his "issues" were not an excuse, jus areason for his challenges.
What drives me crazy is that the public school where we live routinely pulls IEPs before students graduate - claims they don't need them anymore. Hence my son isn't eligible for help in college. ARG. It's a pride thing. So my son who has ADD so badly that we can barely stand him, and is unable to function without is meds, cannot qualify for any help.

Heather said...

I don't have an answer to this one, but am hoping, too, that someone out there will have some background. We have a couple of boys we've known for years, now men, where we are starting to recognize FASD and have wondered about the value of a late-in-life diagnosis. I'll be watching for the responses.

FAScinated said...

I often wish that my sister would have an evaluation for FASD. She will be 40 this December, if she lives that long, but getting this diagnosis might help her to understand why she struggles so much. Maybe it wouldn't make much of a difference as far as services, but it would give her some answers beyond what she has internalized...that she is simply a bad person. ~Kari

Deni said...

Do you have any good sites that reference FASD, RAD and ODD you can link to? I'm very interested in learning more. I think mine are more drug exposed than alcohol, and I think an ODD diagnosis is pretty close at hand with one.