Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Last Day of Summer and Conference Burnout

I can't imagine being a teacher and doing 30 conferences. I did three yesterday and ... yawn.... sigh...... I have three more today.

Very few times do I think that parenting a large family is overwhelming. But this time of year when every teacher has those high expectations of parents -- I get a little weary. Every year the same forms. Even though we have computers folks. Couldn't you just send out the information from last year and have us correct it?

I especially love those forms that ask to put down the names of every sibling for every child. YES!

I am sure that there are other families that do a better job of school homework than I do.... but sometimes I wonder who has more homework -- the student or the parent? But I will stop that before I get criticized for my lack of concern about the education of my children.

So today I will do the three 8th graders and get conferences finished up. School supplies and clothes are about done being purchased. I think we have maybe two items left...

And tomorrow morning I will be free.... free to dive into all the work for my jobs I've been putting off until school starts.

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Deni said...

I can't imagine having that many conferences to go to. I have three toddlers and this year about did me in. Not to mention, my preschooler goes to daycare AND a school district sponsered pre-school. BOTH preschools have already been sending home homework. HE IS FOUR??? Education is super important, but they are there ALL DAY. The time that they are home, do we really need to fill with more school work? I want to spend time with them, too! There. Now I can be the one to get critisized ;)