Sunday, September 07, 2008

Natural Consequences

Well, this time I may not have to make up any consequences. The natural ones might just be enough.

Apparently Salinda was able to convince her friend's mom to give her a ride without my permission to this boys house in another town. They are supposed to be picking her up and bringing her home, but they won't answer their cell phones. She just called me and hinted around that I should be driving all the way over there to pick her up tonight and bring her home so she doesn't miss school.




I told her: You have a friend whose mom took you there without my permission and you have a boyfriend who has a license and a car. And you are there without my permission. I guess you are out of luck because there is no way that anybody from our family is going to come rescue you. I guess you either have to find a ride home or miss school tomorrow.

She's not excited about that option. But there is no way I'm leaving at 8:15 at night to drive 90 minutes to pick her up and turn around and drive 90 back. Someone else out there who helped her get there or someone who let her stay there without my permission can figure out how to get you home.

And this is the part I didn't say:

Laughing to myself: Yeah, right, kiddo. You treat me like crap for a solid week and then you run off without my permission and then you want to be rescued from the natural consequences of your ridiculous choice and you call me to bail you out?

Not on your life.

You're big and mature enough go get yourself there, you can figure out how to get back home. But it isn't going to be me.

(OK, go ahead and slam me and call me an unforgiving unkind mother ... but seriously, if I rescue her, she certainly won't learn. She might not learn anyway, but at least I don't have to come up with some other consequences if she gets stuck there.)


EasterApril said...

Good for you!!! I totally agree that you should not be picking Salinda up.

Simone said...

I can not imagine anyone in their right mind slamming you for this. I think it's funny that missing school would bother a teenage girl more than running off to a town 90 miles away without permission. :) She'll find her way back sooner or later and maybe next time she won't go? Or at least will think twice about it?

Cindy said...

Not only that Claudia, but how fair is it for you to leave your kids at home to go 'rescue' one who might even have been a no-show when you got there. Willing to take that chance?

Linda up north said...

I think your consequence is right on. And what is with that parent that she would drop a young girl like that at a guy's house without your permission???

Lisa said...

Kudos Claudia - good call!! Natural consequences may work - may not - at least it's workin' for you right now!! You are a GREAT MOM!

Linda B. said...

Any one who slams you for this decision hasn't been following your story. Bravo to you. I would do the same thing.