Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Exciting Valentine's Night

Bart and I had a wonderful lunch together and exchanged sentiments earlier in the day, but by evening we chose to watch Isaac so John could take Courtney to a movie. That kid! he was the fussiest he has ever been -- I think maybe some tummy issues -- but I finally had him all calmed down just before they got home. Courtney took him and put him in her lap and then he couldn't keep his eyes off me -- smiling and giggling. It was as though he said -- Ha ha ha. NOW I'm going to be good.

ANd I took this second picture to prove to those of you who think otherwise that snow is not always beautiful!

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Lee said...

He is just the cutest--and will it help to tell you that on the news tonite they said dirty snow melts quicker than clean snow?