Saturday, February 19, 2011


Today is planned from start to finish-- Powerpoint for church, getting a perm (my hair is even starting to bother me, which means it has probably been bothering my family and friends for weeks), spending time with a friend of mine and her daughter who are int he adoption process, getting the rest of the tax stuff done, helping Courtney with her taxes, attending the Spaghetti Dinner that the youth are doing at church, finishing up whatever didn't get done before then, and falling into bed exhausted.

Last night a couple of frustrating situations with kids not being where they were supposed to be had me stressed, but for some reason just a few minutes with the little guy in this picture can bring my blood pressure down. He's 4 months already and he and I have very lengthy conversation. He is so animated when he coos and gurgles -- his facial expressions change all the time and he's now starting to move his arms while he talks like an Italian. ;-)

Am hoping to find my rhythm soon so that I can keep caught up and get back to more serious blogging as well as spending more time with my kids. In 2 years three of them will be looking at graduation, leaving only 3 more in school! Time is going by too fast!

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