Friday, February 25, 2011

Trying not to Make Minor Things Major

There are a whole bunch of little things this morning that are driving me crazy. Things of mine that were "Borrowed" without asking while I was gone, kids who refuse to do their chores (but we're unveiling a new plan for that). People who take advantage of the fact that I'm gone to do stuff they shouldn't. People stealing each other's stuff. Etc.

I think that one of my survival skills is to not make minor things major. But today I'm really finding them to be annoying.... so I'm trying to take deep breaths and realign my thinking so I don't have to kill anyway.

(hyperbole folks, hyperbole)

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Kathleen said...

Only in our world would "stealing" go down as "minor." ;-)

One of the minor things around here lately is one son who has decided that everywhere he walks in the house, if there is a wall within reach, he drags fingertips and nails along it and makes quite a loud noise. I find it very annoying and distracting and dysregulating and I really want to get on his case to STOP IT, but, alas, that might just make him do it more... so I shut up and think regulate... regulate... regulate.