Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dominyk Unsupervised with an IPhone

So we are having "cheep chinese" buffet ($67.00 for twelve people for Sunday dinner, drinks included) and we want to visit after our meal with friends so we send Dominyk (who Tony was agitating him beyond belief) out to the van with Bart's Iphone for entertainment.

I return home with an email from Dominyk, sent from Bart's phone, entitled, "Fat Boys, Tony and Rand."

When I opened it it was was this audio recording (edited quickly by me to keep it PG rated). This is classic Dominyk. Tony laughed when he heard it and they all know it's going on the blog.

So now you can hear what Dominyk is like and how he chants.





Torina said...

He has such a cute voice, LOL.

Piano Safari said...

That was funny. Thanks. I needed some humor today.