Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seriously People

Yesterday I worked so hard to get down to just a few emails I made it down to 12 by the time I quit working yesterday.

I had a meeting.

Now there are 90.

And I'm not talking to you people because those are the fun people. I'm talking to EVERYONE ELSE.



nancy said...

And you think YOU had a hard day! I had to endure questioning, a call to someone's supervisor, and being late for Story Time (don't laugh, I'm the library lady who reads the books!) because someone was questioning whether my son with the state issued driver's permit was a US citizen. What? All because his birth certificate says "This document is not proof of citizenship". Like this woman, whose name has been changed to "Sylvia" to protect her privacy, doesn't know our family. I found out tonight at Grandpa's birthday party that Grandma taught her in school many moons ago. Like this town's so big we might have snuck him in 11yrs ago and neglected to scurry out of town to hide his illegal status? How was I to know all the adults in the family have had trouble with "Sylvia" at the court house? So....maybe it US and not HER! Fortunately, #1 son was chuckling about it tonight, and not embarrassed or felt "profiled" or any such adverse effect from having his citizenship questioned. To be fair, his birth cert says "This document does not prove citizenship". Warrants a call to the state to ask if that can be taken off, though I suppose that means another manilla envelope full of other vital documents to get that accomplished. Just don't want him to have to prove he's a citizen any time he's asked to provide a BC. Any other safeguards you know of to keep my legally adopted son from being deported in the future???

Does that story top 90 emails?


Claudia said...

Nancy. You Seriously Need a Blog.


nancy said...

Nope. I'll just blog hog yours and Cindy's in the comment section!
It's just that I thought we were done with paperwork on these kids.